Screenprinting Workshop

Our workshop of screen printing has less room than multimedia, however, it is more sun-kissed and tranquille (no buzzing servers). It is filled with beautiful odor of paint and aerozol from sprays. In the beginning tidiness was a very controversial aspect. (It is a well known fact that girls have cleaning rooted in their tradition, huh? :/... Joanka)

We currently provide two large tables (one specially designated for printing), an enormous rack for screens, drycleaners for paper and a bunch of of small wood screens available for t-shirt printing and printing on small paper sheets. We also have a full equipment and materials for screenprinting products. The equipment allows a precise and easy project realization. People, who were welcome to work and use our materials are also welcome to make a donation (a donation box is near the paints). Every thursday at 4 PM, you can feel invited for the screenprinting workshops - more about them on our website under 'education'.

The workshop of screenprinting is also used as a storage for pots("Food No Bombs"), transparents of 3city anarchist movement, ARTillery of posters and templates of street art scene, technical atelier of Progressive Education "Drabina" and as an occasional accomodation for our guests (who sometimes require privacy).Even for us it is hard to believe that all of this stuff is kept in there.