What is silkscreen?

Silkscreen is a graphic technic, which allows to make repeated, color prints on difrent surfaces, for example fabric, paper, plastic or wall, so more or less you can print on anything flat.
In our workshops we print using manual, wooden silcsreens and water-based paints.

Beside availbility of many difrent printing technics, apart from stencils, screening is the easiest mean of efective applying paint in many copies, without much money.Thats why this technique is very popular among squats, independent art centres and just poor artists.
Unlike other graphic technics, screen prints has very expresive and rich look.
Procedure of screening, dosnt alow to print half-tint prints.

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Silkscreen technic derives from stencils and it was already known in ancient China and Japan. Nowadays we use rectangular metal or wooden frames with tigthen on the them mesh made of nylon, poliester or metal. First, the design is drawn or xero printed on a clear piece of plastic film or tracing paper.Meanwhile, a photosensitive coating is applied to the entire surface of the screen and then dried. The film or tracing paper is placed on the prepared screen and they are exposed to halogen light. After few minutes, the exposed areas can be washed off the screen with water which makes the screen ready to its job.