Education in the way of Obin

Because we have so many talents :) and the technical infrastructure to realize them, we offer to teach the following skills:

  • screen printing
  • stencil
  • clay
  • computer graphics
  • video reportage
  • computer sound processing
  • advanced usage of internet

We have experience in doing workshops in those fields (as well with kids as with teenagers or students). Unrestricted, artistic atmosphere of Artists Colony in Gdańsk and the surroundings of the Warsaw workshops gives great inspiration as well as space for learning and development of new creative skills.

Sometimes, participents of one-time activity, start to regulary work in workshops creating their own projects or join existing ones, which makes us very happy and of course gives a big dose of optimism..:)

If you are interested in using us ;) for actvities of your own or your group, or you would like to teach yourself or somebody else one of the skills we offer, here you can find our precise workshop offer. All that, of course, does not mean that we think only about the commercial side of our activities, but we all live in a real world, which forces us to commercial misdemeanor...

What was already done - that is our expierience in manageing workshops:

Continuation of the Screen workshops...

On 28. november fifteen eight-year-olds from primary school no. 26 in Gdansk came to us. They got to know what silkscreen generally is,

28 listopada przybyło do nas piętnaścioro ośmiolatków ze szkoły podstawowej nr 26 w Gdańsku, którzy poznawali na czym mniej więcej polega sitodruk, odbijali nasze sita oraz na koszulkach drukowali wzór ze zdjęciem całej swojej klasy...
Oto kilka fotek oraz wzór, przygotowany przez nas na podstawie zrobionego im wcześniej zdjęcia...
Acha. Do tej pory nie udało nam się spotkać równie grzecznych dzieci! :)

Autumn again educational...

On 19th and 20th november, thanks to Association of Developmental Education "Drabina" ("Ladder") we brought silkscreen workshops trough for ten children from the orphanage in Orunia (one of Gdańsk city's districts). It has been like always: checking what it looks like, designing own graphics, making them with screens, printing on shirts... It wasn't easy, kids didn't want to get yoked ;), however everybody did well and effects of work were great!
Here are photos hardly picked during the tutorial...:

Weekly Shakespearian Screen printing action

Parallel to video workshops our second lab guided silkscreen tutorial. Willing people educated by Iwona Zając created graphics inspired by William Shakespear. For example punk-Shakespear with mohawk has been created. Workshops ended with designing and printing posters in A3-format for vernissage that summarised Shakespear Workshops, which happened in 14. august in Mm Gallery and Zając lab.

warsztaty sito szekspir

Video-documentry as a part of Shakespear's Festival

The whole event took place between 1st and 14th of September 2005 and was daily lasting till the very late night. The patron of the workshops was Szczym, Harcerz and Pauka and partly our guests from Lotva: Martina, Ives and Agnes. The main theme was suprisingly Shakespear ;], however people developed a bunch of astonishing ideas on individual subjects. One of them was a movie about "Marzena and Bozena" - the partakers of workshops. Another product of thier creativity was documentry about insolvent Gdansk's Shipyard, people working there and exhibitions which took place on the grounds of shpiyard. Despite the exhausting work, which sometimes ended with the rise of sun, we felt as if we have accomplished something quite impressive.

zdjecia z video szekspira

Tuesday's Summer Sound Workshops.

As always on tuesday's we held periodic workshops on mastering and editing sound. The workshop's considered how to:

-clean the sound
-boost, sielnce, invert add some funny effects as well as those sad effects.
-separete, mix, blend and multiply
-save, operate with file types, quality, parameters

The leader of events was Adam(Romantic boy) and eminence of our empire Eva Kura (currently away because of melting money problems). The main subject was radio jingles(short musical and informational introductories to the main auditions).

If You have and inquries and threats or complaints do not hesitate and hit:

Ps. Poisons where accepted and even more, they were very desired!

warsztaty dzwieku

Silkscreen and stencil workshops for students

sito dla sudentówOn the turn of may and june 2005 in corporation with the Cultural Collective of the Gdansk University organized workshops on silkscreen and stencils for students of the G.U. Around 12 people had been driven in printing using the sreen and cutting out stencils, doing not only things that were planed for the workshops but much more showing an extraordinary enthusiasm and invention.

They told as that they going to come back, but till now, they didnt....

Clay workshops for kids

In November 2004 took place the sculpture workshops for kids from local social centeres. It was organized together with the "Drabina" assosation.
warsztaty gliny

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