T[V] meens Streetart TV

From a while in obin workshop are produced chapters of Street art tv called T[V] .

You cane watch t[v] via www page or via podcast - our videos will get to you automaticly after publication. Best software to do that is democracy player - after installation, click the icon:

Democracy: Internet TV

Mon, 25/12/2006 - 17:07

Vlepvnet t-shirt

On m-city our brave Bear showed how Ludzik did tishirt in obin by the roller :

Mon, 27/03/2006 - 20:57

Open workshops promo

Slowlly we are starting the promotion of our tusday open workshops, below is one of designs, more to come:

Sun, 26/03/2006 - 23:41

No Style Kiosk

Our friends from Berlin are pushing the subject of No-Style-Kiosk - today Beat sent us the photos into our photo archive.

Fri, 24/03/2006 - 19:52

Radio Bagdad return ;)

Our friendly band, named Radio Bagdad again have printed tshirts in shipyard obin:

Fri, 24/03/2006 - 15:37

Incomming, part 2

Im inserting that one with hope, that till the end of the week it wil be ready ;)

Fri, 24/03/2006 - 01:17

New pices

As the spring incoming into the cabbed hole, i have made some cleaning and hidden few lacking pieces of our designs on the walls.

Wed, 22/03/2006 - 01:26

Upload of our Scout pusher

11 Minutes of antiwar demo w in dublin authored by Revolt Video Collective and The Scout. By the way here is 3 years old reportage wrom Gdansk antiwar demo.

Tue, 21/03/2006 - 18:26
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