Warsaw Obin.org workshop

At the Obin workshop in Warsaw, we practice similar principles to those laid out in a previous Obin workshop in Gdansk Shipyard. Our newer Warsaw workshop is inspired by that original workshop in Gdansk.
We are a group of people involved in streetart and independent media, and we provide space and hardware for free artistic and media activity.

At present within our 34 square meters we have:

  • Strange but brave machines working in our small local network
  • A silkscreen work table
  • A darkroom which serves also as a kitchen
  • Loo(!)
  • Shower and Karcher room
  • A small library and film archive
  • Once a fridge, now there are our servers
  • 2 proud heaters, which we thought would be enough:/
  • And ambitious plans of conquering the cosmos

You can also come to us during the week but we can't promise you will find anyone.

If you want to recieve info about our workshop in Warsaw, write down your email address in the window on the right and click "Send".