Multimedia Workshop

The walls of the multimedia room are covered with soundproof tiles, because long time ago here was the heart of the telephone central of Gdansk Shipyard. The plank floor already existed at the time we moved in in August 2003, and also the closet was already built in, through which you actually have to go through to reach our guest room (that detail is subject to many stories concerning our yellow organization). It smells like coffee here and unfortunately cigarrettes (every day we try to kick out the addicts to the corridor). Almost every time you can hear music here, that covers noise of about 7 computers.

Actually, we provide 2 MiniDV cameras, 2 foto cameras, 2 computers for video editing and 3 slower machines for graphics and sound, laser printer (the way we do screen printing matrix) and various multi-support hardware - that way our workshop serves as the technical support of local "alternative movement", colorful artists, journalists and lazybones gathering around In central space in local server "Mimi", where we keep our home directories, noncommercial moves, music, sounds and free software need every day work. Under mimi is located "pipek" - router and gateway to internet and shipyard network infrastructure.

Under the wall is another point of activity - the table where we prepare coffee. Despite symptomes, for many of us it provides more excitement, than speed up our hard disks in server or desinging new screenservers on monitors.

In the middle of the workshop is the plenum point, a large architectual table, that we got after engineers of the shipyard, that once have drawn plans for ships on it. We have painted it yellow and placed a big cog in the middle - that is the sign of Organization With No Interesting Name.