Vernissages and expos that Obin have organized

Connoisseur lactation, that is Street Art in frames

On 22nd of October in the old factory of vodka Koneser situated in Praga district. The magical atmosphere of place provoked to hold there a exhibition "Laktacje Nieholenderskie czyli puszka ze stritem" orgnised by the Vlepvnet crew. On the exhibition we where able to see paintings and graphical artworks of people rooted in the streetart over and above we have an opportuinity to enjoy the Obin's flying exhibition, which was strated on the territory of Gdansk Shipyard. More attractions such as: templates, posters, vlepstickrs, vleposter and sildes from the archives of Vlep[v]net, musicsounds mixed by broken wall's beat's crew.

Hypnotised as we where by a few fascinitaing performances druing exhibition our department of Obin situated in Warsaw[vobin] had recieved a major donation of 146PLN. We would like to thank our greatful donners and thank the prince of polish streetart kwiatek for supporting and helping us in gathering the money.

Detailed photo documentry is published on Vlepvnet, where also is a film documentry of what actually happend.

Obin on Street Art Jam in Warsaw

In the beginning of October we planned to visit Saj[Street Art Jam] in Warsaw organised by edytorial crew of, where through hole day we painted, disrupted world order, taped and hid oursleves from the cruel world nearby. Street jam group was enormously big counting 6 persons. In the evening(in our future workshop of we were gayed and merried by the process of integration of street art scene and summary of the whole event.

Evidence of our entreprise is available here, and here is a post on our blogsite. More info about Warsaw's Obin workshop coming soon.

Exhibition of Street art in Olsztyn.

At 10 of June 2005 in City Center of Culture in Olsztyn (north-east of Poland), in frames of Festival of Street Art, have been opened flaying exhibition of street-art, that came back to us from London (the tour have been started in Gdańsk, in Shipyard Gallery). You could see there stencils, posters and stickers from artists conected with the scen from all around Poland.
The "media patronage" over the event did the vlepvnet redaction - color full guys from

Streetart expo in Londyn

Spring seemed a perfect time for squat Rampart, where our polish exhibition was greeted. Exhibition was mainly prepared by emigrants from Tricity, and edytorial team of Vlepvnet.
The exhibition was simultaneous to the anniversary of Rampart[5th birthday] and was visited by a bunch of people interrested in british independent culture.
More photos available here and in photo archives.

Exhibition of photograhps on the alterglobal theme.

We have plessure to invite you 14 of January (nerest friday) at 19 to the MM Gallery for opening of photografy expo on the alterglobalist theme and premiere of dvd move from protest in Warsaw in april of 2004.

Vernissage of "No Style Fuckers" from Berlin

Friday, 12 of December at 20h starts vernissage works of the No Style Fuckers group from Berlin, that have been created while stay at in october 2004. It was just fantastic event!

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