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This is the Ernie from P0rn0ffiti magazine knockin to your doors.

Right now i'm working on the 6th issue which is going to be about drawings and illustration only. So I want to ask you guys if you could do something for me.
Because all of you are involved in so called gffiti movement which is based on typography i want you to send me whole alphabet written in your style, it could be font, or graff latters, black/ white or colourful.

  • - is about alphabet, so design your own font, or use your graff letters, that i could later cut those letters if i need it.
  • -the letters can be black/white or colurful
  • -send it as a file 2400x1800px,72 dpi, RGB, jpg best quality to
  • pornoffiti at yahoo dot com
  • -deadline-end of february 2006.
  • -not all images will be published, so do your best!!

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czw., 16/02/2006 - 12:48